Senior Updates I

Saturday, November 18, 2017
What am I up to?
I FINISHED COLLEGE APP SUBMISSIONS. This was new territory for me. Both my older siblings only applied to one school and had no trouble getting in. I applied to four, all in-state, one public and three private. I'm hoping to study english and business, and both my older siblings are in engineering. There's been a weighing fear that if I do indeed study english, it won't be a useful degree, but I've prayed and prayed and I know it's what I'm supposed to do. All I have to do is wait and see what happens next.

I SPENT A WEEKEND AT THE BEACH. Boy, Kiawah is a dream. If you've never been, think private Island with spanish moss, cute houses, good food, great people; basically an Island dream. The weekend was spent with good friends, a week after a hurricane passed through (so it was pretty quiet while we were there). It was just what I needed as I was stuck in the business of first quarter. The weekend was filled with bike rides, sea shell hunts, jamming to T-Swizzle's entire Red, and havana-oo-na-nah.

I'VE WATCHED LOTS AND LOTS OF FOOTBALL. I'm not the biggest fan of the sport myself, but it's been on in my house for every hour of every weekend. It brings people together like nothing else can.

I'M AN EDITOR OF MY SCHOOL'S LIT MAG. Senior year comes with more responsibility. As an editor, I head up the reading and voting on of submissions, bake, and next semester I'll help assemble the magazine itself. It's fun, and I'm hoping it'll look good on college apps :)

I'VE ATTEMPTED NANO. I only have about 10k written on my current WIP, and I'm not beating myself up about it, because that's more than I thought I would get. Trying to juggle what I have to do and what I want to do is hard work. I can't let school take the back-burner, so I don't feel bad about only getting 10k words on my WIP. Let's face it; the only time I'll be able to participate in NaNo full-time is after I graduate college.

I SPENT A WEEKEND WITH MY GRANDPARENTS. My grandparents have some acreage out in the country a couple hours from my home, so a few weekends ago I drove down and spent a day and night with them. It was slow-living at its finest: grilling out on the deck, crossword puzzles and Stephen King over morning coffee, long walks in the woods. Sometimes, a little rest is all you need.


I SPENT A WEEKEND IN TENNESSEE. TN has had my heart since my family visited two Novembers ago, so I was stoked to go back this November. It was good food, worship music, and real conversations; an experience of raw humanity.

Good things
waking up to the glow of morning sunlight
warm sweaters, leggings, fuzzy socks, scrunchies
roar of the ocean water as if crashes over you, cleansing salt and sand on skin
laughter over nonsense, contagious and bubbly and pure
the smell of mountain air
standing around a campfire, singing to the King; we were strangers before but now we’re bound together eternally
golden hour sunlight
long hugs with good friends
no, really, how are you?
the gentle push from friends to do better, be better; they tell you because they care

“Kings” -- Sam Burchfield
“In the Light” -- The Lumineers
"Moving Mountains" -- The Brevet
"The Kitchen" -- Tow'rs
"Strawberry Blonde" -- Sam Burchfield
"Featherstone" -- Paper Kites
Truman -- Album by The Midwest Indies

Wuthering Heights -- Emily Brontë
The Grapes of Wrath -- John Steinbeck
Their Eyes Were Watching God -- Zora Neale Hurston

And Then There Were None -- Agatha Christie

PS - we have a pup now; he's a boston terrier and his name is rocky


  1. sounds like you've been busy! Senior year is the worst/best, and also I'm sure you'll be fine as an english major!

  2. Yay for being English major twins! I have a family made up of accountants, so they are so math centered and I would rather write a paper, so I can relate to how you feel. Also, being an editor on the lit magazine for your school is awesome! I was an editor for the yearbook at my school last year and it is so cool to be a part of something historical like that! And aren't grandparents the best?! I've been talking to mine on the phone a lot recently, and I'm just thankful, because I know these days won't last forever. And rocky is adorable <3

    1. yay, so glad you're going to be an english major!! I think it's so cool to be able to read and learn about authors for a grade. Like, I'd do that for fun, haha.
      I love being an editor for the lit mag! It's not a super popular club at school (perks of growing up in a college town obsessed with football, haha) but I think it's important work and I enjoy it!
      Yes, I'm so glad that my grandparents live close! It's fun to be able to talk to them so easily.
      Right, isn't rocky so adorable?!! He's getting so big now :')
      Thanks for commenting, Lauren!! I love hearing from you.

  3. This is the loveliest post. I love hearing all about your life, friend. Hope you're having a wonderful holiday season. <3

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