Saturday, November 25, 2017

they must be done,
must be done before Dad stumbles home,
stumbles home with beer.

Beer bottle in hand,
he tosses the cabbie a twenty,
twenty hours gone, now he’s back,
he’s back and fumbling.

Fumbling in the dark for keys
in his pocket, they aren’t there;
they aren’t there so he knocks,
knocks and pounds let me in.

Let me in, but the dishes are dirty,
so I meet stench of his breath,
his breath in my face whispering,
whispering did you do the dishes.

I do the dishes under rushing water,
it muffles his sighs that weigh,
weigh on my shoulders and eyelids and bones,
bones shuttering with the slam of the bedroom door.

The bedroom door,
behind it Mom lay ill,
lay ill two months past,
two months since she whispered warnings.

Warnings: don’t forget,
don’t forget to do the dishes


  1. Mary Shelley.

    When God made you, He must have taken a few stars out of the sky, crushed them to liquid between his hands, and filled your mind, fingertips, and pen with it. this is a gift. never, never underestimate it and where it will take you! I feel privileged that I get to know you & see where our Papa takes you on this journey.

    1. this made me cry, katie <3 I am so thankful to be your friend.

  2. This piece is so powerful and so is the photography. I feel like there's so much more to this scene...I want to know more! Great writing!!


    I love your writing so much holy dang. it's just so vivid and unapologetic and agsjklfjlkasaklh!!! WHEN ARE YOU PUBLISHING A NOVEL

  4. Girlfriend, how is this so good? I just love the imagery it puts in my head!! Such a beautiful piece as always <3

  5. Mary Shelley,

    You are truly a gifted writer. <3 I am in awe.

    xx Kenzie

    1. thank you, kenzie. your comment means so much to me <3

  6. I cannot wait for the day that I get to stand in line to have you sign my copy of your novel. I love you to pieces and am so proud of you. You are so gifted.

  7. This is truly beautiful and sad at the same time. You are so talented and your words are magic.

    1. thank you, saylor <3 (by the way, I love your name, it's so cool!)

  8. hey dude i tagged you in something if you want to do that lolz

  9. WOW. This is incredible. I am in love with how descriptive this is in every way.

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