Thursday, June 8, 2017

LIFE IS GOOD / junior year mems

Judging by my last post, you probably get the idea that I'm not keen on the idea of school, and I hate when it seems to take over my life. But, let me clarify, junior year was really awesome. I made some really fantastic memories with my friends that I wouldn't trade for anything! Today I'm sharing some of those memories in pictures with sparse commentary. There are a lot of them! So pour yourself a cup o' Joe and scroll away!

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football games, go-carts, an NC apple orchard, and fishing near my good friend's house while watching an incredible sunset! on the far left, my first plant-child name Clarke!
fall festival with a used book sale!/ Murrell's Inlet with my grandpa and little bro / ice skating on main street / NYE party /check out the smell of saturday, inspired by moments like these.
check out about magic, inspired by this adorable coffee shop

IT SNOWED ON MY BIRTHDAY!! 17 never felt so good :)

birthday pancakes / birthday brunch / coffee date with my bff / cat pajamas (!!!) at a galentines day hangout
one of my favorite sunsets from the year, taken after studying late at the library 

coffee date with my cousin / surprise 17th birthday party for a friend / first college tour at Furman University / watching the sunrise at Pretty Place / eating a heavenly breakfast afterwards


easter sunday with my homies / clemson baseball game / anderson fair / graduation ceremony for a friend !!
my big bro graduated!! they call us the #wondertwins. next year is my turn to graduate!!

this year really has been  a good one! thanks for reading :)


  1. it looks like you had a blast this year! all of your pictures are so cute! <3


    First off you're just the cutest human being ever??? Like it blows my mind???

    Those sunflower photos are forever my favorite thing.

    CLARKE!!!! I love that beautiful plant-child of yours.

    Dude I have a sunset photo crazy similar to that one! Now I'm totally going to dig through my camera roll and find that..

    OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS OUR PHOTO I'M CRYING. :'''') That was the absolute perfect day wow. <3

    I love you so much, fren :') <3

  3. HOW ARE YOU SO ADORABLE. That's so cool that you got to meet Grace though...
    P.s. I got a new blog you should totally check out


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