freezing water & freezing time

Monday, January 25, 2016

They laugh at us, telling us we’re crazy, crazy to have a whole day off school for two inches of snow.  To them, it’s an inconvenience, and though the world is all white, for them, life goes on. But here, where we’re known for our long, hot summers, humidity, mosquitoes, and sweet tea, here, time stops when it snows.

Snowy days are the dreamiest days. They take me back to when life was easy, when the scariest thing I could think of was sledding down our ice-covered driveway and landing just centimeters away from the prickly bushes; when family was just next door, and the impact of a snowball on my face didn’t really hurt because it was thrown with love; when a hard day consisted only of a hard spelling test and could easily be fixed by hot chocolate and Barney and Friends. Snow days reawaken gentleness inside every soul, and, even for just a day, all is well and right and good.

It’s gone with the drop of a hat, and life returns to normal. The grass is that dreaded yellow-green, and people again speed through their neighborhoods; kids open up books filled with fact after fact, and teachers promise them that it’s not all for nothing; we long for the end of the day instead of enjoying it.

And we wait. In another, year, perhaps, our dear friend snow will come again and take us back, but until then, we try to make due, and we wait.


  1. i love this so much, so much happiness ❤️

    1. gosh, thanks, laur <3 i was actually super bummed when i wrote this, so i'm surprised you enjoyed it, but i'm so glad you did!


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