To All those Middle-Schoolers (And Everyone Else):

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Back to School Part 3

-This is my best friend. (at right; her name is Madilyn ) I put this picture here because we both survived middle school, so you can, too :) -
This post was requested by someone, and I had originally planned for it to be quite lengthy. I learned a lot in middle school, and I wanted to be able to share it with y'all.

I wrote and wrote, and nothing sounded quite right. So now, I have one over-arching truth that not only applies to middle-schoolers, but to everyone:

Don't get sucked into the crowd.

The so-called bad kids often don't to amount to much in middle school: sometimes all they do is chase boys and pursue "popularity." Some use not-so-nice language and call people not-so-nice names, and most of the time, it's because they want to be cool. They're insecure, and so they pride themselves in the pain of others because it's the only thing that seems to somewhat get them through the so-called "awkward stage." (Everyone has one; it's definitely not something you can avoid, so don't be ashamed of it.)

I'm here to tell you that the only One who can get you through the awkward stage while your confidence stays intact is God. He is where your confidence comes from. God-given self confidence is the kind of confidence that keeps you humble. You can humbly realize that without God, you're practically nothing (as we all are), and that with God (if you're a Christian), you're a redeemed, regenerated being. You're a new soul! The same power that made Jesus come back to life is living inside of you. What can bullies  (or the awkward stage) do to you when you've got God on your side?

(A side note: last school year, in 9th grade, I realized that if you really look at everyone, they're all beautiful. I truly mean that. Everybody has things they're not proud of, but everyone has a beautiful side to them. Sinners are ugly on the inside, indeed, but when God makes someone in His image, how can she not be beautiful?)

That being said, remember that as a Christian, your mission is to spread God's word. Ultimately, if you're not cool because you love Jesus, it won't matter. (I admit, I have it a little easy because I live in the Bible belt.)

Don't be afraid to stick out. Be the new creation God made you to be. Pray constantly that God would help you to resist temptation and do all to His glory. Stay in the Word always. (I started bringing my Bible to school last year in the second semester. It really helped.) By staying in the Word, you can be equipped with the armor of God, ready to defend your faith with grace and humility.

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