Just a Girl of Fifteen

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

just a girl of fifteen,

half lost in a world that seems too big and too small,

half intrigued by the One who died to save her.

shy at first,

but then bubbly,

searching for a place

to deposit her bottled-up words,

remembering the daisies of her youth,

but graduating to the carnations of this age.

her smile cannot be hidden

 behind the same walls that hide her heart,

and so it shows with sparkling eyes and a blushing face.

she treasures the moments

when her heart nearly stops and joy floods in.

she appreciates things seen, but knows  some of the best moments happen with closed eyes.

and there she finds her peace,

with closed eyes,

in the short workings of prose and poetry

that come from somewhere besides herself.

there she is at home,


treasuring what is unknown but will soon be known.

p.s. Someday things will all make sense; I'm sure of it.

p.p.s. I took this picture, like  I do with all of my posts, and I just love it. God is truly amazing, isn't He, that He'd make a sin-cursed world this beautiful. Oh, just imagine the streets of gold.

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