Be Beautiful: Thoughts of a Daddy's Girl

Monday, June 15, 2015
     I attended a wedding on Saturday. It was absolutely magical. I cried. Very hard.

     I also learned something as I watched father and daughter dance their hearts out as they said goodbye to an old phase of their life and stepped into a new one. When the father gave his daughter away, he said he "happily" gave her away. (That was probably the moment I started crying, considering I am super sensitive to anything Daddy-Daughter related.) I was thinking about how hard that must have been, to let go of the daughter who was convinced at age five that the only person she would ever marry would be her father (that was my attitude, at least) and willingly give her away to God and her husband. But then I realized something: her father had given her away to God already, a long time ago, perhaps at the very moment she was born. I also realized that God had made her for the exact purpose of marrying this man and going off to anywhere and everywhere to give God the maximum amount of glory. And those two realizations made me realize something bigger, something I probably should have realized a long time ago, and something that I continue to realize as I grow in Christ: 

     We belong to God.

    (Well duh, you say.) Keep reading, though. I promise I'm going somewhere

     All humans are made by Him and through Him. We are all meant for His glory, but some of us rebel; some of us take our own path. Instead of embracing our purpose, the one that was destined for us from before the beginning of time, we search for our own personally crafted purpose, thinking that anything we create will better than anything God can create.

     The creation of mankind by God is no theory; it is fact, and until we accept that fact and all that it entails, we cannot find what we are truly meant for as humans.  We were meant to be beautiful beings who glorify God in everything we do. We were meant to point directly to His greatness.

     With this in mind, there is something we need to remember: Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder; beauty is in the eyes of God.

     We sinners already rebelled enough by rebelling against God's purpose for our lives, and then we decide to rebel against God's version of beautiful, which really is the only version of beautiful. We've decided to change our gender and sexual preference and nearly everything else merely because we want to. We think that we can make ourselves beautiful, when in fact only God and His perfect love can. 

     I know this verse is probably familiar to most of you: 

"For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart” (1 Samuel 16:7b). 

     You've probably heard this one, too:

   God's version of beauty does not come from fancy dresses or the perfect shade of makeup. It doesn't come from good grades or popularity or a shining smile. It comes from your heart, and we all know, or should know, that the human heart cannot be beautiful without God's help because we are sinful (very sinful, in fact) beings. 

     1 Peter tells us that a quiet spirit is beautiful, girls. And it goes onto tell us the women are the "weaker vessel." Before you freak out about that, though, hear me out:

     Women are the weaker vessel. We're more emotional than men; we're soft-hearted, and that is okay. Don't be ashamed of your emotions. We  women are supposed to feel as deeply as we do. A speaker at The Wilds put it this way:

     Men are water bottles, and women are glass cups. They are both used for the same purpose, to hold fluid, but they are completely different. Glass is breakable, and water bottles can take a little more beating up. 
     The whole point of that rambling is this: 

     Christian girl, you're beautiful not because of what you are on the outside, but because of what God has done for you. When you rejoice in that, praising God for His amazing grace, your heart beams with beauty. When you open your heart to listen to others and truly care about them, you are using the renewed heart that God gave you, and that is beautiful. When you focus on your inward beauty, relying on God to renew your heart and soul, it will show. When you show your gentle and quiet spirit, nonbelievers will question where that beauty comes from because women today are taught that they are just like men, and they're just not. When they see that your quiet spirit is making you beautiful, then you can show them that true beauty comes from God. 

     We all were made for this beauty because we all were made to be God's. He wants to reclaim His people. Whether we like it or not, we were created by a perfect God, and we will never truly be beautiful until we embrace His version of beautiful, and we can't have His version of beautiful without accepting His grace and letting Him change us. 

     And now I realize why the father at this wedding was happy to give His daughter away to God and to her husband: When his daughter was born, this father knew that the beauty of God's grace was what was best for his daughter, and he wanted what was best for his daughter. He also knew that his future son-in-law would challenge His daughter to live for her Maker and to be beautiful in His sight.

   So, if you get one thing from this post, know that a life in Christ is what is best for you. Giving God glory is your purpose. You are meant to be beautiful, and you cannot be beautiful without the beautifying grace of our Amazing God.


  1. Oh my goodness, this is one of the best posts I have read in a LONG time. I really appreciate your posts and how you are so real and honest <3
    This is such a beautiful reminder!

    1. Thank you so much, Lauren! I'm so glad God spoke to you through it!


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