Break from the Busy

Sunday, May 3, 2015

      The constant pressures of high school are starting to get to me. In the midst of finals and AP exams, it becomes easy to lose myself, and in the midst of trying to keep a tight routine, routine ends up flying out the window. Reading my Bible becomes a chore when it should be a moment I strive for and look forward to each day. Times with my family are ruined by the constant hum of thoughts in my head, and I even find myself rushing through worship so that I can have moments for myself.

     On Friday night, though, I decided to put away the world and stargaze. It was a sacred night, and I'm not exactly sure I can put what I felt into words. In the middle of my silent communion with God, I became overwhelmed by this thought: the God who made each star and calls them by name, whose feet stir up dust that we see as clouds, and who knows the number of hairs each human has on his head somehow chose to save me. Though my praise for Him isn't as loud as it should be, He still hears it with a smile on His face.

     So thanks, Savior, for loving me unconditionally when I deserve no love at all. Thanks for teaching me how to live even though I'm a slow, stubborn learner. Thanks for giving this terminable life meaning. Thank you for being patient with the most impatient person that ever lived. Thanks for blessing me with friends who love You, too, and thanks for giving me the opportunity to show others what it's like to live in Your love. Keep me strong, Jesus; I can't do this without You.

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