The Voyage

Monday, April 27, 2015

The thoughts in my head rage like a tempest
I fear the voyage ahead and what it will bring.
The waves swell and the bow dips.
My feet become damp and I fear the rising of the water.

Then, when I can no longer stand the maddening fear,
I hear Your words: “Peace; be still.”
The waves cease and my damp feet are dry once again.

And not too far out in the distance, I see an island.
The boat rides calmly to the shore, and I put my feet in the sand.
I realize that I would have gotten here anyway,
even with the raging waves and swirling tempest.
Even if the boat had sunk, 
You would have given me the strength to swim.

 Lord, give me the strength to hold onto You when the waters get rough.
Next time, I pray I'll learn from the waves instead of fear them.



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